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    Editorial illustrations, caricatures, realistic portraits, infographics! The paintings are hand made from scratch - no photo manipulation. I paint digitally using Procreate or Adobe Photoshop. I also make animations and digital graphics (using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects).


    I am based in Finland close to Helsinki, but I have customers globally.

  • Working with Sebastian is fun, easy and inspiring. As an illustrator he masters several different techniques and is eager to meet the thoughts, requests and requirements of those he is working with. Agenda has had the pleasure of co-operating with Sebastian for many years.


    - Ted Urho. Executive manager, Agenda.


  • As a Visual Producer at Yle (The Finnish Broadcasting Company) for the presidential election 2018, I asked Sebastian Dahlström to draw caricatures of each candidate (8 altogether) for our web site. His caricatures were brilliant. Funny but in a decent way, just as we wanted them, and Sebastians' drawing technique is mind blowing. A strong recommendation!


    - Petteri Bülow, Visual producer, Yle

  • Sebastian is an amazing illustrator and an overall great guy to work with. He has a broad field of knowledge and is a fast learner. He's helped us out at Lindebarn for a long while, handling very different kinds of graphic design and even animation tasks, in a flexible and diverse manner, always with a positive and helpful attitude. I strongly recommend him.


    - Marco Lindholm, CEO Lindebarn.

  • How to order an illustration

    I work digitally and I will deliver the illustration in the size and file format you prefer.


    Contact me

    You'll find the contact form on this page, just send me your order - I'll get back to your right away with the details.

    Sketch for approval

    When my rough sketch is finished I'll mail it to you so you can check it out and make suggestions.


    Final illustration / product

    I'll deliver the finished illustration or video, and I still can make minor changes if you wish.

  • Contact

    Reach out - either through this form or directly by email: sebastiandahlstromdrawings (a) gmail.com

    I'll answer you as soon as possible, usually within a day.

  • Here you'll find me on social media!





  • Drawing and painting tutorials

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  • Sebastian Dahlström

    Illustrator, journalist

    I am an illustrator and cartoonist from Finland. My clients include the brand and design agency Lindebarn in Helsinki, The public broadcasting company of Finland YLE, The think tank Agenda, The digital media company Supchina, The magazine Forum, The magazine Läraren, The Think Tank Magma, Svenska Bildningsförbundet, The Helsinki Commission, and various other newspapers and private commissions.

    Sometimes I am commissioned to make illustrations with a political message, but it doesn't necessarily reflect my personal political views. I am not personally politically active, and as an illustrator and journalist I strive for political neutrality, decency and good taste.


    I have over 15 years of experience working as journalist for Svenska YLE before I started my freelance career. I have a masters degree in Media and Communication from the University of Helsinki.


    In my spare time I run and play the bass.


    For commissions, or any questions at all, please contact me (in English, Finnish or Swedish) at: sebastiandahlstromdrawings (a) gmail.com


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