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My "styles": caricature, realism, comic and graphic design

Some updates on the site to make it clearer what I do

· illustration,english

I decided to make some changes at the site to divide my work into four different categories. First and foremost there are the Caricatures - the thing I feel is my speciality. I make high end caricatures in a "realistic" painterly style where I focus a lot on realistic painting techniques blended with traditional caricature.

Secondly I made a gallery on illustrations made in a Realistic style. I tried to think of a suitable name for the "style" but realism is the only one I think is broad enough. Here are everything from almost photorealistic studies and paintings to simpler illustrations (as long as they are drawn without lines). The common factor is the emphasis on details and values. The style is basically the same as the one my caricatures are made in, but as regular illustrations.

Thirdly there are the line art drawings in ink (digital or real ink). This is the style I started out with and this is also a style I've been drawn to lately. I'd love to make more illustration work in this style, which I call my Comic style. Here the emphasis is not on realism, but rather on movement, stylisation and contrast. The color schemes are simple, and the ink does the talking. My heroes in this way of drawing are André Franquin and Jack Davis.

The fourth gallery is for the vector illustrations, graphic design and logo work I do. This is the non-painted design stuff I do.

A few thoughts on drawing styles...

I decided to divide my work in to these very broad styles only to make it easier for potential customers to see what I am able to do. I still like to work very broadly and try out a lot of different approaches. I DON'T want to lock myself into only a few ways of painting and drawing.

Sometimes I feel sad when I see young artists online very heavily focused on "finding their own style". I think desperately trying to find a "style" hinders creativity and growth as an artist. Style is something that will evolve naturally. If you think about it too much it only does more harm than good.