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Do cats rather hunt flies or mice?

More Friday Comics - Pizza and cats!

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Fridolf the fierce hunter - out to catch some flies again! The passion, the drama... Larger than life!

Friday Comic about the cat Fridolf Redcheek. Sebastian Dahlström 2019, all rights reserved.

Yes! Here are some more of my Friday Comics that I make mainly to create some content for my Instagram account, plus it is super fun to draw something really silly once in a while. To make things even sillier my fly-hunting cat Fridolf Redcheek has his own instagram account as well.

Who doesn't love a great pizza - Friday Comic featuring Alexander Uggla and Sebastian Dahlström, all rights reserved.

Since I try to draw comics about my daily life they tend to focus on cats - and pizza...

Pizza in a wood stove owen! Friday Comic, Sebastian Dahlström 2019, all rights reserved.

I make my comics on the iPad Pro using the incredible app Comic Draw. The app is built around three steps - sketch, ink and color. Here is the latter two stages of the same comic:

Friday comic about watercolor and cats - ink version.
Friday Comic, cats and watercolor painting, Sebastian Dahlström, all rights reserved.

Sometimes I leave the iPad out of the game and make my comics in a very traditional style - and even play around with it a bit. Like this one...

Watercolor painting, coloring in traditional ink with brush. All rights reserved, Sebastian Dahlström.

These comics are just a little thing I do for fun - if you've happened to stumble across this blog post be sure to take a look at my site for a more serious side of my illustration and caricature work as well.

And if you are only into my Friday Comics, you'll find more of them here. And if you are crazy enough to want me to send these blog posts directly to your e-mail, feel free to subscribe...